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Some Background on PulseSwitch Systems, LC

PulseSwitch Systems, LC, one of The Face® Companies of Norfolk, Virginia, monetizes intellectual property (IP) in the field of wireless transmitting devices. Its prime market is the Internet of Things ("IoT") and its billions of wireless sensors and controls.

The Company's IP rights portfolio includes seven issued US patents on a technology that eliminates what experts say is the number one problem holding back the growth of the IoT – its dependence on batteries.

That technology – the Evergreen® Evercell™ energy harvester – can produce enough electricity to power wireless IoT sensors and other low- power devices for their entire lives without batteries. Its advanced materials and unique, passive design exploit principles of quantum physics to harvest thermal energy in any environment where the temperature is above absolute zero. Its microwatts of electrical output are sufficient to power a wide range of IoT wireless devices, which will be deployed in the tens and possibly hundreds of billions in the next decade alone.

The prospective investor is urged to visit The Face® Companies website CLICK HERE for the latest and most complete information on Evercell™ and the Company.

Evercell™ will fundamentally change the IoT, addressing an unmet demand so large that leading independent experts predicted in an exhaustive 2017 study that the introduction of a technology with Evercell’s™ capabilities would quintuple the size of the IoT.

In fact, according to the experts, these billions of new products will never come to market without a battery substitute such as Evercell™.

The experts say Evercell™ will have no direct competition for the foreseeable future. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reported in 2017 that no one else is working on a battery substitute such as Evercell™. Instead, according to NIST, the industry is concentrating its efforts on the development of a "better battery."

Assuming that even with no direct competition, Evercell™ nevertheless achieves only 10% of the experts' market expectations – and assuming that PulseSwitch charges only the lowest royalty rates – K1 cash distributions per unit of the Company’s equity by 2035 would still represent a more than 50x multiple of the minimum bids in current ShareBid auctions. And that is without adding in any market value for the Company's second revolutionary technology.

That technology is Evergreen® Spectral™. It can make IoT wireless sensors and transmitters blend in seamlessly with their environment or look like almost any object, while being powered by ambient light.

Spectral™ energy harvesters combine state-of-the-art, powerful photovoltaic (PV) films with an extremely thin, rugged coating in virtually any color, pattern or texture. The Spectral™ coating appears opaque, but it actually allows 80% or more of the light to pass through it to the PV. Spectral™ can support even power-hungry applications. It can also improve the aesthetics of battery-less controls and can make security sensors nearly impossible to visually detect.

Spectral™ research partially funded by a grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia is expected to be completed by mid-2019, which should enable partnership discussions with a large paint or coatings manufacturer to commercialize the technology. The Company will also derive revenue by licensing manufacturers to use Spectral™ in a wide range of wireless transmitting devices, everything from IoT sensors ... to mobile phones and laptops ... to high wattage solar-powered transmitters in remote locations.

Evercell™ will also be ready to commercialize in 2019 and available in the marketplace in 2020.

We first successfully demonstrated both Evercell™ and Spectral™ in 2015.

These technologies are inexpensive to produce. They consume no fuel, have no moving parts, and include no toxic materials. Where appropriate, both technologies can be used in the same device. As an example, Evercell™ might serve as a backup to Spectral™ when insufficient light is available.

As principally a licensing entity, the Company maintains very low burn and overhead.

Bradbury R. Face serves as CEO of all of The Face® Companies, guiding each of The Face® Companies from its formation through to revenue generation. Mr. Face's LinkedIn page CLICK HERE provides additional information.

Jeffrey D. Shepard serves as the COO - Technology Group of The Face® Companies and is primarily responsible for all IP and technical interactions related to the development and monetization of The Face® Companies' technologies, including those technologies the rights to which are held exclusively by the Company. His CV is attached as DOC 2A.

In the future, the Company expects to continue to minimize its burn rate and overhead by paying most of the costs related to the sales and licensing of its technologies through success fees. These fees would be paid to related parties, third party contractors and/or partners and would be incurred only upon the generation of revenue.


The Company is one of The Face® Companies, a 151-year old family-controlled group of technology companies headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia.

From its nineteenth century beginnings as a construction contractor and maker of building materials, Face® evolved into an inventor of construction tools and techniques. Over the last forty years, Face® has dramatically improved concrete floor placement methods, along with flat-and-level measurement tools. The ASTM International standard for concrete profile quality control – “F-Numbers” or “Face Numbers” – is named for the company.

More recent Face® technology developments hold the promise of similar impacts in a variety of other industries, including the Evergreen® technologies offered by PulseSwitch.

Face® has been granted more than sixty U.S. patents, with dozens of patents pending, in areas ranging from energy harvesting systems to wireless devices and construction equipment, and has garnered numerous international awards for technological innovation.



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