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The holy grail for private companies is to go public with an IPO. However, whereas in 1999 it used to take 4 years to go from startup to IPO, now that is taking over 11 years - if it happens at all. SHAREbid is here to fill the gap, protect against stumbles and provide options to shareholders of private companies.

Company Age before IPO

(Source: Investopedia)

Why Are Companies Staying Private?

Ease of Funds

Companies today find it much easier to obtain venture capital, so they no longer need to rely on the cash infusion from the sale of IPO shares. This is evidenced by the sharp rise in unicorn startups.

Expense of IPO

On average companies that go IPO incur an underwriting fee of 4-7% of gross proceeds, plus an additional $4.2 million of direct offering costs. Not to mention increased reporting and regulatory requirements.

Control of Company

An IPO allows for a potential takeover by another company through massive accumulation of shares radically changing the company culture, direction or leadership.

Privacy of Financials

Post IPO companies must publish quarterly earnings statements raising the concern that a bad quarter could trigger a sell off of shares.




  • Easy-to-use interface
  • You're in complete control
  • No commissions
  • Buyers compete for shares
  • Review bids in real time


  • Safe and secure registration (SSL) and information downloads
  • You control the information displayed about your company and shares
  • You pre-approve bidders and handle the transfer of shares


  • Provides shareholders with liquidity at competitive prices
  • Achieves a competitive valuation for your company
  • Only authentic bidding is permitted


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What is
SHAREbid is the only avenue for employees and investors of private companies to sell their shares in a fair and transparent secondary market with no commission fees to the buyer or seller!
Why use
SHAREbid sets your company apart and helps you attract top tier talent while improving employee morale/retention. Sometimes life happens and shareholders might want or need a way to sell shares they own in a private company. SHAREbid provides them with a great solution at no cost to them.
Who can sell their shares?
Anyone can apply. However, the issuing company approves sellers and validates the sale of the shares before the auction starts.
Who can buy the shares?
The issuing company can leave it open to any accredited investor registered as a bidder or limit it by approving each bidder individually.
Who can see confidential company information that we upload to
Important company documents are securely locked. Only those approved to bid by the company can see confidential company information.
What if I don’t want my shares to be visible to the public?
Privacy and security is of the utmost importance to us at SHAREbid. We understand that some companies might not want to be in the public eye. Therefore, we’ve created private auctions in which you have all of the same functionality of SHAREbid, but behind the scenes.

How to Bid

  • 1
    Set up a free user account

    Free registration with no obligation. The first step to access confidential information provided by the company and receive email updates.

  • 2
    Search & Apply

    Select and request access to the company or companies that interest you.

  • 3
    Review Information

    When approved, access company information and documents on the share auction page to make informed decisions.

  • 4
    Place Online Bid

    Place your bid on your selected shares prior to the deadline.

  • 5
    Winner is Declared

    Buyer details are sent to company. The company coordinator assists Buyer and Seller with final paperwork and shares are transferred.