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CA Startup Makes Private Share Liquidity Easy

CA Startup Makes Private Share Liquidity Easy

Posted on 2018-04-16

Newport Beach, CA: A new online platform,, is radically improving the relationship between private companies and their shareholders. Private companies utilizing the SHAREbid software will now have a 1-up on the competition, as their revolutionary new platform is the only avenue for employees and investors of private companies to sell their shares in a fair and transparent secondary market with no commission fees to the buyer or seller.

A Generational Shift in Investment Strategies

A Generational Shift in Investment Strategies

Posted on 2018-03-15

Stocks and bonds have traditionally been considered one of the best places to invest for long term security. Most recently, however, especially during the millennium, the status quo has changed. Alternative investments present investors with a whole new approach, but what makes these investments so attractive to a new generation of investors? In order to uncover why the trend is the way it is, we have to understand what alternative investments are.


How to Bid

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    Set up a free user account

    Free registration with no obligation. The first step to access confidential information provided by the company and receive email updates.

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    Search & Apply

    Select and request access to the company or companies that interest you.

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    Review Information

    When approved, access company information and documents on the share auction page to make informed decisions.

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    Place Online Bid

    Place your bid on your selected shares prior to the deadline.

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    Winner is Declared

    Buyer details are sent to company. The company coordinator assists Buyer and Seller with final paperwork and shares are transferred.