About Us

SHAREbid has developed a unique turn-key solution for both private companies and their shareholders. For a nominal monthly fee, companies can license the SHAREbid technology and offer employees / investors a fair, transparent way to sell their shares at competitive prices with no fees to the buyer or seller.

Everything is 100% confidential. The names of the companies, the buyer and the sellers are never disclosed on the site unless you are involved in the transaction.

Companies manage the entire process. They invite buyers and sellers to participate, they approve auctions before they start, and they oversee the transfer of shares after the auction.

It’s a “win/win” for both private companies and their shareholders, as the transaction achieves a competitive share price while delivering peace of mind to investors and employees that, should the need arise, there is a strategy in place to sell.

If you have been invited to participate, register using the link provided or go here.
If you are a seller and want to sell your shares go to Sell Shares.
If you represent a company and want to help your employees go to Private Companies.

“At SHAREbid, we believe that choice and flexibility are paramount to financial freedom, which is why we are staying focused and are determined to bring companies and their shareholders the option of liquidity.”
- Richard Bennett, CFO of SHAREbid

How to Bid

  • 1
    Set up a free user account

    Free registration with no obligation. You may register before or after receiving an invitation to bid for shares or sell shares on SHAREbid.

  • 2
    Accept Invitation

    Accept your personal invitation from the company that issued shares that you are interesting in bidding for.

  • 3
    Review Information

    When given access, review company information and documents on the share auction page and consult advisors to make informed decisions.

  • 4
    Place Online Bid

    Place your bid on your selected shares prior to the deadline.

  • 5
    Winner is Declared

    Buyer details are sent to company. The company coordinator assists Buyer and Seller with final paperwork and shares are transferred.